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Special Thanks to

  • Hansi Kolz for always providing me with the music equipment I need (Da Capo Musikinstrumente )

  • Lars Elfendahl - Yamaha Music Europe, who advised and sent me the best guitars of this planet

  • Sascha Widuch - Style-System (whithout whom this webpage would not have been possible)

  • Micky (Dee) Rapp, guitar and amptech, who always fixes my guitars and other equipment

  • my Mum and Dad who showed me the first guitarchords and who initialised my guitarmania

  • my lovely family: Bettina, Saskia, Nina who always stood by my side.

  • Rita Lottenbach - for encouragement and support
  • God through Jesus without whom I would not have tasted real life!
    Pastor Al and Gloria Veer (Offene Tuer) for so much wisdom and love
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